Once Upon A Time, The Princess Transformed Into A Powerful Queen

Once upon a time, I didn’t feel worthy enough to settle for someone that could love me the way I wanted to be loved. For 4 years, I struggled to receive the love I always dreamed of because I never gave myself that love that I was seeking for in my partner. I will forever be grateful for all the lessons and experiences I went through, however, I didn’t want to attract these experiences ever again….so after the breakup, I decided to take full control of my actions and my life. Congratulations Yasmin, you just leveled up.

I’ve always been a passionate lover. To me, a relationship is a deep, spiritual experience. Sex is a deep, spiritual experience. Vulnerability and expression is a deep, spiritual experience. I don’t take relationships lightly. I certainly don’t fall in love easily…but when I do, I fall hard. A lot of people see me as this hard-ass, detached, independent, “I don’t really need a man” type of woman. I don’t easily open up, it takes time for me to gain trust and to be fully naked with my thoughts and emotions. Love is a powerful emotion, it has the ability to break you open and make you feel things you’ve never felt. It makes you look at your flaws, your insecurities, your fears….as well as all the beautiful qualities you possess. The beautiful thing about love though? You can learn to love over and over again. Your heart expands. You appreciate more. You understand more. You FEEL more. I always needed to feel deeply connected to my partner, it’s a requirement for me. I don’t mean seeing them every single day or being with them at all times; I mean connecting with them in a spiritual way. Feeling them on an emotional level. Understanding them intellectually.

After my breakup, I knew what I had to do to get back on track. I was at that point of hitting a wall constantly and I felt crazy because I kept forcing something that was no longer there anymore. I was attempting to control a situation that I had no choice but to let go of. I had to understand that it’s okay when something comes to an end and it doesn’t have to be a bitter ending. When you hold on to poison, you’ll only attract more of it. I set my ego aside and got real with myself about what I was feeling, what I needed to do to move forward with this loss I was experiencing and how to step back into my power again. Who was I? I had lost myself completely and I desperately wanted to get to know myself all over again. During this transformational time period, I became a new version of myself. To be quite honest, I don’t know how it happened because it all happened so fast…but I felt like I came back to who I always was. My power was always there, it was just hidden for a little while. The secret to receiving the love you want is quite simple; love yourself so much that you become magnetic to others, so magnetic that others have no choice but to love you just as much.

Love is a risk. It is uncertainty, emotional exposure, and a neurochemical rollercoaster. It can reveal our ugliest parts, cause unthinkable heartbreak, and challenge our beliefs…but it may also be our path toward transcendence. So for me, it’s all worth it.