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Vulnerability Fears

There’s so much talk around vulnerability and how healing it is to express your emotions and be comfortable with doing so. We connect vulnerability with “being weak” and that’s obviously due to these ingrained beliefs from older generations telling us “be a man and stop crying” or “strong people don’t cry”. Even the media subconsciously drills these things into our heads, remember when Fergie said “big girls don’t cry”? I was raised with these beliefs and now as an adult I realize how damaging they are. My romantic relationships have been SO difficult because I never allowed myself to be open with my emotions. I would just shove them all down until I couldn’t take it anymore and explode. That is NOT healthy and it will only create more tension and resentment in the relationship.

I’m a very intense person. I feel emotions very deeply and throughout the years, I’ve done so much work on myself and I’ve discovered so many things about myself that I never knew. These emotions have to be communicated. My fear with communicating emotions would always go back to “what if they don’t accept me for who I am? what if what I’m feeling right now is wrong? what if I’m overreacting?” These are questions I still ask myself (although I’ve gotten so much better at allowing myself to just be) and it’s hard to open up and feel comfortable with saying what’s on your mind. Trust me, it’s not an easy task to tell your partner what bothers you or what your fears and insecurities are but it’s necessary. A healthy relationship requires that kind of communication and openness...or else what’s the point?
There are moments where I find myself going back to my unhealthy habits and shutting down when I feel a negative emotion. I’m only human, it’s bound to happen. Give yourself permission to be human, no matter how much we work on ourselves we’ll always feel comfort when we retreat back to our shells. When I notice myself feeling like that, I immediately challenge any negative thoughts that come up. The key is always self-awareness, not perfection. It’s totally okay to mess up, but notice when you do and pick up on those patterns so you can teach yourself to be stronger every time.

Every Next Level of Your Life Will Demand A Different You

These past few months have been such a roller coaster ride. I’ve been going through a huge transformational period and haven’t exactly been on my A game with my blog. I’ve been wanting to be more personal and vulnerable with all of you and I think after giving myself time to breathe and re-discover myself, I’m finally ready all over again.

I constantly get so many messages from people asking me for life advice and I always get comments like “Yasmin, how do you deal with certain situations? Your life is so perfect and it seems like nothing ever happens to you because you’re always so happy” Truth is, things happen to me all the time because I’m human just like everyone else. I have emotions and I go through some serious ups and downs sometimes. I am not special or untouchable. I have my bad days and there are moments where I feel so anxious or so sad that I don’t want to do anything but just lay in my bed, but I challenge myself to get up and stay focused on what I have to get done. Growing up, I always thought that being vulnerable or feeling emotions was considered “weak”. That is a terrible misconception. Emotions don’t make you weak, they make you HUMAN. When you’re vulnerable, you open your heart up to so many beautiful possibilities and you allow love to takeover. One thing most people don’t know about me is that I use to be EXTREMELY emotionally unavailable. I feared intimacy. I feared crying in front of people. I feared being vulnerable with another human. I feared allowing someone into my heart and being hurt in the end. I didn’t know how to be there and hold space for another person. I didn’t know how to feel emotions….I would analyze them logically and then just repress them. I would shut out any emotion as soon as I felt it. If something was bothering me, I would brush it off and I would keep brushing it off until it built up and exploded. The only emotion I ever wanted to feel was happiness. If it wasn’t happiness, I didn’t want to feel it. This emotionally detached behavior got in between friendships and relationships and I shortly realized that I couldn’t continue acting this way. I was only going to push people away by acting like this and I needed to make a change.

My past relationships were mirrors. Every relationship you have is a mirror. It’s incredible how you attract people based on what you need to work on and what parts of you need to be healed. So since I was emotionally unavailable, guess what I attracted? That’s right, emotionally unavailable men. Looking back now, I would get so furious with my ex-boyfriends because they didn’t communicate with me or express themselves to me the way I wanted them to…but how were they going to do that If I wasn’t willing to express myself or communicate with them? How can you expect someone to do something when you’re not setting an example of what you want? It took me a while to come to that conclusion and it’s not until recently that I sat down and got real with myself. I checked in with my own toxic habits and behaviors so I don’t repeat these same mistakes with other people and relationships. You can’t change anyone, you can only change yourself. Once you change yourself, you start attracting relationships that mirror who you currently are.

This is one of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned this year and it’s been a crazy year so far…so many emotions involved both good and bad, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel like I went through a complete rebirth and I feel so happy with where I am in life right now. I’ve been easy on myself which explains why I haven’t been as active here as I wanted to be but I want to thank you all for keeping up with me and holding space for me. xo

Making Your Visions Come To Life: 5 Tips To Setting Powerful Intentions

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 9.02.03 PM.png

First and foremost, I want to say Happy New Year to all you babes. 2018 has been so amazing to me so far and I'm super excited for what's to come (I have a lot to share with you all so stay tuned!).

Every year, I hear the phrase "New Year, New Me". Every year, we set these resolutions that we give up on after the 3rd week of January (or even sooner). Every year, we go right back to our old toxic habits after promising ourselves we would eat healthier and exercise everyday. Sounds familiar? Well don't feel bad, I'm guilty of this too. We all are. Truth is, we don't wake up on New Years Day and magically become new people with new habits. Your body and mind could care less whether it is January 1st or December 1st. I've never been a fan of setting resolutions because I feel like I'm forcing myself to accomplish something or be something I'm not. Resolutions put pressure and unnecessary stress on you and that leads to negative emotions. Those emotions get tied to the goal you're trying to accomplish and then you end up feeling like its a chore to accomplish those goals. It becomes a negative cycle and guess what? you're bound to go back to your toxic habits because that's what you're comfortable with. 

Intentions are internal, whereas goals are external. They have the ability to grow and shift with us, and can also be the guidance we need to form clarity in our lives. In connecting to an intention, we don't have to look elsewhere for happiness or satisfaction because what we desire is already within us. It's a great feeling when we realize that we don't need to try and be something we're not. Intentions help us be more present and focus on the NOW

I'm going to give you guys 5 tips that have helped me set some powerful intentions and hopefully they can inspire you to create your ideal lifestyle. 


1. Create A Vision Board 

This is a big one for me. I am OBSESSED with vision boards. I created one on New Years Eve and welcomed 2018 with a lot of positivity and inspiration. I've already accomplished 4 things on my board and I know I will accomplish all of it this year. I put mine on the wall right in front of my bed so I can look at it before going to sleep and wake up to it as well. Vision boards work quickly because you are telling your subconscious what you want to achieve. Your subconscious will then let your conscious mind know what needs to be done in order to accomplish these things. Visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do. When you visualize, you emit a powerful frequency into the Universe. Law of Attraction, baby. Works EVERY TIME. When creating your vision board, make sure you're setting a tone for what you want your ideal lifestyle to be like. It should focus on how you want to FEEL, not just on the things you want. Don't get me wrong, it's great to include material stuff as well but the more your board focuses on how you want to feel, the more it will come to life. 

2. Practice Gratitude

Always be in a state of gratitude when setting an intention. Count your blessings and be open to receiving more. Believe that the things you want are already in your possession and be grateful for that. One habit I've cultivated is keeping a gratitude journal and writing at least 3 things I'm grateful for each day. Not only has it helped me manifest my desires, but it has given me a more positive outlook on life. Remember, a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. 

3. Say It Out Loud

Voicing your intentions out loud will help you manifest them. Find someone you trust and tell them what your intentions are. Notice how you feel after expressing them out loud. Do they excite you? Do they ignite the passion in your soul? Do you feel powerful? If you can say yes to all these things, you're on the right track.

4. Let Go Of The Negative

It's SO important to surround yourself with people who will motivate you and inspire you to be the best version of yourself. Let go of the people and things that no longer serve you. Be willing to do things that make you happy and promote positivity in your life. If you love painting, make the effort to attend fun painting classes or dedicate some time during the week for that hobby. When you begin to do the things you have passion for, you begin to raise your vibration and It'll become easier to set your intentions and manifest your desires.

5. Let The Universe Handle It

This is a crucial part of the process. Don't try to control the outcome, just flow with it instead. The Universe has a plan and it will unfold the way it's supposed to unfold. This is the toughest part for me because I am a huge perfectionist and control freak. When things don't happen the way I want them to, I become frustrated. The Universe doesn't appreciate the frustration, trust me on that one. Just be clear on your intentions, remind yourself of what they are everyday and let things happen. 


"If your intention is powerful, your action will be powerful. If your action is powerful, your results will be powerful"




Thank You, 2017. You Were So Good To Me

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 12.44.23 PM.png

This year has been one for the books. I’ve grown so much in my career, in my relationships and most importantly, I’ve acquired a new mentality and outlook on life. I’ve learned to let go of things, people and situations that no longer serve me and that alone has changed my life significantly. I’ve been completely PUSHED out of my comfort zone and to be honest, it’s addicting. The feeling you get from accomplishing something that you aren’t comfortable with is priceless. Career wise, I’ve had the opportunity to work with so many incredible brands that I love and truly stand for, and I’ve made so many valuable connections. I’ve manifested healthy friendships that helped me grow into a better person. I’m blessed to be where I am at this point in my life and I wouldn’t trade that for the world.

Just like every other human on this planet, I’ve had my ups and downs. There were moments where I felt anxious about my future, moments where I doubted myself and my abilities, moments of total insecurity, moments of sadness and grief, moments of anger and guilt towards myself and moments of confusion. None of those things have stopped me from chasing my dreams and that’s where your strength lies. Remember to embrace those negative moments and use them to help you evolve. Negative things will happen to make us resilient and teach us lessons that will help withstand other situations. It’s so important to face these moments rather than run away from them. Once you realize that, you become unstoppable.

I’m so grateful for everything I went through this year. The good, the bad, the pretty, the ugly. I’m grateful for all of it because everything has played a big role in shaping who I am today. Last night, I lost something very important, or should I say someone. My pet bird that I’ve had for 17 years passed away. It’s insane how hard it is to lose someone in your life whether it’s a human or a small pet. My bird was literally family, I grew up with it and she was there through thick and thin. As painful as it is, I realize that grief comes from the result of loving. We grieve because we love and there’s certainly nothing wrong with loving. It’s unfortunate that those two emotions tie together in some form but it’s also relieving to know that you LOVED that animal/person and that you did all you could to love them and care for them. So for me, there’s peace in my grieving. There’s peace in knowing that this is just another opportunity for me to grow and learn. There’s peace in knowing that I loved my animal and cared for it until it’s last breath. There’s peace in knowing that all the memories that we had together are stored away in my heart and mind. The greatest thing about death is that it helps us grow up. It matures us. It brings wisdom. It strengthens our bones. It teaches us to let go. Pain gives you understanding and once you come to terms with that, your mentality changes.  

So I’m ending 2017 with a little bit of pain but a lot of maturity and expansion. I am beyond, BEYOND grateful for every moment and every experience life has thrown at me because it only makes me a stronger version of myself and that’s all I ever aspire to be.

Happy New Year everyone, thank you for being in my life. xx

The Fountain Tarot: A Special Manifested Collaboration


“A bunch of cards can tell you your future? Pfftttt please, such bullshit”

There’s so much negative stigma with tarot because people think it’s directly related to black magic. I’m here to inform you all that this is certainly not true. In most people's minds, "tarot card reading" means a woman in flowing robes, leaning over a small table in a candlelit room, foretelling impending doom. But that's not really what tarot cards are about. In fact, they're not even really meant to tell your fortune or future. The most powerful sources of information come from within; the tarot aids in coming in contact with one's Higher Self. Only YOU can shape and create your own future. Tarot basically helps strengthen your intuition which then helps with decision making and just being more in touch with yourself. It’s an incredible way to read your own present energy and check in with what's going on in your life in the current moment. 

So as most of you know, I love all things mystical and this kind of stuff excites me. It’s something I’ve always loved and I think I get most of it from my maternal grandmother. She use to have a deck of tarot cards and I never really understood what they were. I remember seeing them and thinking they were just plain old cards that you can play go-fish with. I never bothered asking either, all I knew is that my grandma was ridiculously good at using her intuition and she was always right about everything. It was insane and scary how accurate her predictions were and how powerful and intuitive she was without even realizing it. When she passed away 7 years ago, I think the cards got thrown out because I never saw them again. My dad use to ask her everyday for a Turkish coffee reading which is having your fortune told from the leftover coffee grounds in the cup. He’s not a firm believer in tarot or anything metaphysical so for him to actually believe my grandma was mind-blowing to me.  It was interesting watching my grandma use her magic and being in such close contact with her made me feel so secure. 

I’ve always believed that there is a higher being, an energy source that guides us and helps us in every step of life. You can call it God, The Universe, Source Energy. You can call it anything you want. It’s there and it’s always guiding you and looking out for you. At times life might get rough, but those are the moments that the Universe is telling us something. It’s looking out for our well-being, it’s not trying to torture us. It feels good to understand this and be open to the lessons life throws at us. I’ve had my fair share of rough life lessons already and even though they may not be publicly discussed, they were lessons that completely shook me, turned my world upside down and made me feel like I hit rock bottom. Yeah, not fun at all. That’s when I got up and said fuck this, I’m making some serious changes in my life starting with my faith in God. I started following a spiritual practice and that included meditation, attending spiritual retreats, taking more care of my body by eating well and exercising, finding hobbies I was passionate about and meeting new people that were on the same vibrational frequency as me. Once I started doing all of that, my vibration started to change and I felt so much lighter and happier with life. I met an amazing human at an event back in January 2017 (almost a year ago, crazy how much changed in a year) and she is a psychic, astrologer and tarot reader. I scheduled a session with her because I felt this immediate connection and I knew she was someone I could trust with my energy. I did a tarot reading with her, and that was actually the first time I had my cards read. It was amazing how much she picked up and how accurate everything she said was. It reminded me of my grandma and in that moment, that feeling of security came back. I was so glad I took the plunge and got my cards read because to be completely honest, I was a little scared that I wouldn’t like what I would hear. I was afraid of hearing negative things. I now realize that I was scared of knowing the truth, but the truth will set you free. Tarot has been such an important tool in my life and has taught me to just go with the flow of things. Not everything is going to be perfect, not everything will be sunshine and rainbows, and sometimes you need to sit down with yourself and seriously reevaluate the things that are no longer serving you. Tarot has made me aware of those situations and instead of being afraid, I’ve learned to embrace and accept things as they are. It’s definitely easier said than done but it’s a daily practice. It’ll only get easier with time.

So I have a really insane story for you guys. It might not be all that insane to you, but it was RIDICULOUSLY INSANE to me. I know I always talk about “manifesting your desires” and “speaking things into existence” but what the hell does that actually mean?? It means you attract what you really want by visualizing it and working for it. You can visualize all you want, but if you aren’t putting the work into actually landing your dream job or dating your ideal partner, then what good does sitting on your bed visualizing do for you? To get results with anything in life, you need to work for it. That’s just the name of the game. So going back to my story, this is about how I manifested collaborating with The Fountain Tarot deck (I’ll explain a little more about the deck itself in a bit) but for now, story time!

I went to an event about 2 weeks ago and the event was a panel with the creators of The Fountain Tarot and Lindsay Mack (she’s a podcast host and tarot reader herself). When I walked in, they had a table set up in the front and they were selling The Fountain Tarot deck. Just a little backstory, I came across this gorgeous deck about 3 months ago when I was looking at different decks online. I’ve been wanting to get my own deck and start reading tarot on myself so I can become comfortable and confident enough to actually read for other people and help them find themselves. Everyone has a different preference when selecting a deck. You need to have a personal and intuitive connection when choosing one. When you find the proper deck, you will almost instantly feel in alignment with it's energy. When I saw the Fountain Tarot online, I knew immediately that I wanted it. “This is it. I need to get it”, I told myself. I ended up not ordering it because my intuition was telling me to wait. I wasn’t sure why it was telling me to wait, but the answer became clear the night of the event. I was so tempted to buy the deck when I was at the table before the event started but once again, my intuition said NOPE, don’t get it yet. The lady that was selling the cards told me “don’t worry, if you decide to buy them, I’ll be here after the event ends”. I thought to myself, okay cool I have 2 hours to decide. A half hour before the event ended, a lightbulb went off in my head. “I want to collaborate with The Fountain Tarot”. That’s it. It was decided upon. I made my final decision and I knew that I was going to collaborate with them before even asking if that was a possibility. This is something I am PASSIONATE about and I want to introduce you guys to the tools that have had a huge positive impact on my life. Once the event ended, I introduced myself to Andi Todaro, one of the creators of the deck and I asked her if it was possible to collaborate and work together. She told me “of course, but you would need to reach out to our publicist”. I felt challenged and I won’t lie, a little bit of doubt filled my mind. “Should I even do this? Or should I just buy the deck now?”, I thought to myself. I took a few deep breaths and made a deal with myself. The deal was if the lady selling the decks was still at the table, I’m meant to just buy the deck. If she leaves, that means I’m making this collaboration happen. And guess what happened? She left. She ended up leaving before the event ended. This collaboration was 10000% happening and in that moment, I felt powerful and so proud of myself. I was also so excited to get home and write the email to the publicist (Jess if you’re reading this, thank you! So grateful for you). On my way home, I took an Uber and in the Uber I was already visualizing holding the deck and reading my own cards, I was writing the draft of this blog post in my phone and I was thinking of what I would email the publicist and what she would respond. I felt so inspired and I already knew that I landed one of my dream collaborations. I got home, wrote up the email and sent it, meditated on my vision and went to bed. The next day, she responded with the EXACT words I had imagined....”we would absolutely love to collaborate with you...”  WHAT. IS THIS REAL LIFE?!?!?! I was in Soho shopping when this happened and I wanted to just scream at the top of my lungs and happy dance. I thanked the Universe and I cried tears of joy. The law of attraction doesn’t play any games. When you genuinely want something, the Universe makes it happen.  

I received the deck a few days ago and YOU GUYS, IT IS BREATHTAKING. Not only is it gorgeous, but it’s amazing for beginners. You don’t have to be an experienced tarot reader to have this deck. It has a beautiful minimal design and it comes with a little easy to understand booklet of what each card means and the symbolism behind them. The 3 geniuses behind the creation of this deck are Andi Todaro, Jason Gruhl and Jonathan Saiz. The story they told at the event was beautiful because each person contributed their creativity and talents to the deck. As a creative myself, it’s a great feeling when others can appreciate your work and connect with it in a deeper, more intuitive level. I can only imagine how they feel knowing that they’ve created something that not only helps others, but inspires them as well. 



Thank you all for taking the time to read this. I can only hope this inspires you in some way. If you’re interested in checking out The Fountain Tarot, here’s the link! You can read more about the creators and their personal journeys as well as learn more about the deck itself. 

I want to give a shoutout and huge thanks to Jess and The Fountain Tarot team, you guys are incredible. Thank you for making this possible and for inspiring me to write this blog post. So much love for you all xx