The Hideout

As much as I love NYC, it's nice to get away from the craziness every once in a while. I plan on doing this regularly in the future so it's always good to get a taste of what it's like to have a relaxing stress-free weekend. Even though I have a ton of work to do and catch up on, I didn't even think about any of it. That's how you know you had a great weekend. Aside from the fact that it was 10 degrees in the Poconos, it was still worth spending quality time with my boyfriend, his dad (aka my future father in law) and his stepmom. I'm so grateful that I get to be around such incredible people that make me feel welcome and make me feel like I'm part of the family. (LOVE YOU GUYS!!)

So basically we stayed in a community called "The Hideout" which I think is a great name for it. Its super secluded and private with great amenities. They have a golf course, a ski lift, a heated indoor and outdoor pool, a fitness center, tennis and basketball courts and so much more. It's so convenient and everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I was a little bummed out that we couldn't really do much outdoors because we would freeze our asses off if we did. So I'll leave the hiking and outdoor tennis for the summer because I absolutely plan on going back. The little chalet we stayed in was so CUTE and extremely cozy, I felt like I was at home. The big windows give it that modern feel which I love and the dark brown wood mixes in perfectly. SO aesthetically pleasing, to be completely honest I didn't want to leave. Oh and also, I saw Bambi.