Staying Hydrated with 321Water

                                              THIS POST IS SPONSORED BY 321WATER

                                           THIS POST IS SPONSORED BY 321WATER

Happy November 1st, darlings! I'm a little sad that October is over, but a new month means new plans and new goals. As silly as it sounds, my main goal every month is to remember to drink enough water on a daily basis. It can be hard to stay on track with it but I try my absolute best to drink at least 2-3 cups of water as soon as I wake up. By doing that, I give myself a head start and I remind myself that the more water I drink, the more radiant my skin will be and the more energetic I'll be during the day. When my skin isn't looking too great, it almost always means that I haven't been drinking enough water and I honestly dislike having to deal with a blotchy face. That's definitely one of my biggest motivations to stay hydrated and I always use my face as a daily reminder. "Damn Yasmin, we gotta call zit control're not looking too good"........yeah, that's literally what I tell myself when I look in the mirror and see the result of not drinking my water. Just like most of us, I use to wake up and immediately drink my cup of morning coffee. After a long time of doing that, I started to realize how sluggish I felt during the day and how jittery and anxious I was for no reason. So, I began to replace my coffee with a big glass of water to start the day and my body got into the habit of doing that. I felt sooo good and my skin became more radiant, my immune system got stronger and even my hair was noticeably shinier. Its been almost 2 years since I've been sticking to my daily water routine and I don't plan on stopping. 

I got a little gift in the mail recently from 321Water which is a reusable BPA-free filtered water and smoothie bottle company. Their bottles are lightweight and aesthetically pleasing, so going for a morning jog isn't a drag anymore. You know that feeling when you buy an awesome workout outfit and you just can't wait to workout mainly because you get to look stylish while doing so? Yeah, this is pretty much the same. I love going to my yoga class and taking my bottle with me so there's no excuse for me to not drink water. I can't use the "I forgot to pack my water bottle" excuse because why would I want to forget???? It matches my grey leggings and white sports bra. Yes I do think about this kind of stuff, don't judge me. 

So moral of the story is DRINK YOUR WATER AND STAY HYDRATED! I can't express how essential water is and what a huge difference it makes when you cut out the sugary drinks and make water your number 1 priority.

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Any comments or questions can be left below! Stay hydrated xx