Dove x College Fashionista Summer Workshop

I'm sure we can all relate to having low self esteem at some point in our lives. Growing up, I never thought I was good enough in anything I did and I always went hard on myself and wanted to achieve "perfection". I cared so much about what others thought and I would lose myself in other people's comments. As a young lady today, I still strive to be "perfect" but I forget that "perfection" is unrealistic and unattainable. Tonight's workshop hosted by Dove and College Fashionista was absolutely amazing. It made me stop and look at myself from a different perspective and sometimes that's all you gotta do. Being a woman isn't easy, the pressure to be "stunning" and to have the perfect body with the perfect curves in the right places is tough. We see these supermodels on Instagram and as we're scrolling, we think "WOW why can't I be as beautiful as her?" but we fail to realize that we all have our unique qualities and beauty, its just a matter of embracing it. I was lucky enough to meet celebrity makeup artist Dre Brown, digital beauty editor Kristie Dash and fashion market writer Alyssa Coscarelli. These wonderful enlightening ladies brought this workshop to life as they reminded us to always love ourselves and embrace our unique qualities. This couldn't have happened without the College Fashionista team and I thank them for putting together these awesome and motivating events. At the end of the workshop, we got some Dove goodies so I guess you can say tonight was a good night :)