Create & Cultivate x The W Atlanta-Downtown

This past weekend was definitely one of the best weekends of my far. I attended Create & Cultivate and for those of you that don't what that is, it's a huge one day networking conference for women looking to create the career of their dreams. You get to meet talented like-minded creatives and build life-long friendships...what a killer deal. 

I arrived at the W Atlanta-Downtown Hotel on Thursday night and even though I was so pumped for this event, I was still super nervous. It was my first time ever going to a conference this big and important and I wasn't sure what to expect. I must say though, arriving at such a gorgeous hotel helped. I have like this weird obsession with beautiful bathrooms so thats the first thing I fell in love with when I entered the hotel room. It had such a modern, cozy feel to it and I honestly wanted to just lock myself in the room and eat all the snacks in the mini-bar while having a movie marathon. JUUUUST KIDDDING, I was STOKED for Create & Cultivate and couldn't actually fall asleep, so instead I decided to explore the hotel and it's modern beauty. 

The day of the conference finally came around and I was freaking out. I wanted to jump for joy but at the same time I wanted to puke. My emotions were all over the place, clearly. I had to be up at 6:00 AM to be able to get to the center at 8:00 AM sharp (which is when the event started). As soon as I got to the center, I felt this wave of incredible energy and good vibes and I immediately knew it was going to be a great day. I started feeling inspired just from seeing the cute decor and pop-up shops, and of course all the gorgeous outfits everyone had on. Total #OOTD inspo. I met so many beautiful women looking to make a name for themselves and it's an amazing thing meeting other people with the same mindset as you. Ayesha Curry, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Nicole Richie were just a few of the #girlboss speakers that were there, and hearing them speak about their struggles and how they built their brand was so inspiring and motivating. Everything about this event was perfect, from the food to the people and it's definitely something I recommend for everyone to attend at some point. It ended at around 9:00 PM so it was the longest day of my life, but absolutely worth every second. Sometimes hearing others success stories will help start your own. 

Thank you so much Create & Cultivate for this opportunity and thank you W Atlanta-Downtown for your hospitality and service xx