Confidence and self love with SENMO: Get to know Ellie Aaron

It's been a crazy week with a lot of election related drama and now that its over, we can all finally go back to being less tense and anxious. BUT, if you're finding it difficult to unwind and de-stress, I have the perfect solution.

About 2 months ago, I signed up for a class called SENMO. That decision was probably one of the greatest decisions I've ever made. SENMO which stands for sensual movement for the modern woman is a movement practice that incorporates sensuality, dance and meditation and it was founded by yoga and meditation instructor, Ellie Aaron. I've always loved dancing and being in touch with myself and I felt like this was a great way to express who I am and have a blast while doing it. The reason why I became so obsessed with taking this class after my first time is because its basically a community of women who come together to empower each other and create friendships and lifelong connections. To all my ladies out there, how many times have you felt judged for acting a certain way or doing something that felt "wrong" to you? When I first started getting into modeling a few years ago, I would feel shy and very embarrassed when I had to dress a little sexier than I should and I wouldn't fully feel like myself if I had to provocatively pose in a photo. Now I've come to realize that its all in my head. Why should I feel awkward and embarrassed for being comfortable in my own skin? Why should I feel weird for being confident and showing it to the world? Being in touch with yourself is an attractive trait regardless of what others say. This class is genius because not only do you get to have fun and be around great energy and beautiful women, but you also get to learn how to love yourself completely and feel sexy.


It's a great feeling when you find a community you're comfortable in but its an even better feeling when the instructor has an incredible aura and way of teaching (insert fire emoji here). I wanted you guys to get a better idea of the class and of the founder and instructor herself, Ellie Aaron. SO, I was able to ask her a few questions and I got some pretty awesome answers. 





Q: Tell us a little bit more about yourself and where this idea for SENMO came from. What inspired you to start teaching it?

Ellie: I help women find confidence, strength, and joy in their bodies so they can express their brilliance in the world, and find home in themselves. I teach privately, at companies, and in studios in NYC. I love what I do so much, and always feel happier after teaching. The idea for SENMO came during pole dancing class a few years ago. I loved being there- but knew many friends (and other women) that would never go to pole dancing class. I had to craft a class that more women would feel comfortable expressing their sensuality in… And voila! SENMO was born! It combines meditation, yoga, sensual movement and community. We move, breathe, connect to our sensuality, AND talk about the experience together. It’s not like anything else out there. 

Q: As an instructor, what do you love most about the classes you teach?

Ellie: I love observing how the women transform during the class. They start SENMO feeling timid, shy, and unsure, and leave feeling vibrant, more confident, and juicy. The friendship and support in the room that gets created during SENMO is breathtaking. It always blows me away. When women come together, love, and support each other, it’s magic. 

Q: Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

Ellie: My biggest inspiration is Duncan Trussell. He’s a comedian and my favorite human on the planet. He talks about spirituality, love, and consciousness (such rich material) and changing our world and humanity through these lenses. He also makes me laugh a LOT. I listen to his podcast incessantly and I’m kind of obsessed with him.

Q: What do you want your students to learn from taking this class?

Ellie: That their bodies are a source of wisdom. That love is inside of them ALL THE TIME. They don’t have to search for love in a person, place, or thing. They are love embodied. That feeling GOOD in your body isn’t about the size of your belly pooch or shape. It’s about your relationship to your body, your heart, your unique sensuality and sexuality, and nurturing and truly LOVING and listening to your body. 

Q: What advice would you give to a woman who struggles being comfortable in her own skin?

Ellie: There’s nothing wrong with feeling uncomfortable. We’re all uncomfortable sometimes. SO really getting that…Then, start doing things that may make you feel confident in your body. Experiment. Dance in your room. Wear something sexy. Take a dance class. And Meditate. Meditation turns the self critical judgmental mind, into a more loving, compassionate inner voice. Meditation changed everything for me. Try it here: 

Q: On a personal note, did you ever come across a time you felt constricted as a woman and unable to express yourself freely?

Ellie: Of course, happens every day. I get shy around talking to men and people I’m envious of. It also happened a lot growing up. I grew up performing musical theater and singing- so I was definitely connected to performing for and pleasing OTHERS, but being taught that there was a source of pleasure, joy, and freedom that I could find for MYSELF, was foreign to me. Thank goodness for movement practices like SENMO. :)

Q: What are some goals you want to accomplish while teaching SENMO?

Ellie: I want women to know, their goal can be to satisfy, be true, and honor themselves first. So many women put other people’s happiness before and above their own and that builds resentment towards ourselves and others. It also translates to how we treat and care for our bodies. Love has to be how we relate to our bodies, no criticism or shame of needing to look a certain way. Again, its not about the size or shape of your body- but how much true self love you can really have - for your body- and your whole life. Oh! And that its really okay to feel GOOD in your body and experience pleasure there. :) 


I want to give a huge thanks to Ellie for being such a positive, beautiful, energetic soul, and for teaching women to love themselves first. She's such an inspiration and a pleasure to be around. Trust me when I tell you that you will NOT regret taking this class. Once you go SENMO, you can never go back!!! If you're interested in taking the class, visit her website at and you'll get a free SENMO practice when you sign up for two free video classes. Killer deal if you ask me. 

Thank you for reading, loves! Any questions about the class can be asked below xx