Doctor Love

yasmin elzomor

Relationship Coach

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I’ve always had a thing for happy couples…

From a young age, I remember looking at my parents and thinking, “wow, I want to have a relationship like theirs, they’re so happy together”

I love seeing happy couples. It gives me so much joy knowing that happy, healthy relationships DO exist. Love is the highest power in the Universe and if you truly want a beautiful and loving relationship, you can manifest it….along with keeping the effort to sustain it.

I’ve always noticed that I learn most about myself through my romantic relationships. After all, our partners serve as our greatest teachers. After my past 2 breakups, I grew emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I made several internal changes that I knew I needed to make in order to attract a healthy partner.

I am now in a deeply loving relationship with an individual who allows me to step into my power and fulfills me on a spiritual and emotional level. Relationships are always evolving so it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey that you choose to take with that person.